“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”

Edgar Degas


Mood Boards are a great tool used by interior design professionals to help clients feel the effects of the design elements and styles. Contemporary Interior Design Style communicates and showcases the ideas and products of the present moment. Softened, rounded forms help achieve the current, contemporary style. The neutral colour foundation and simplicity make the spaces versatile. You can create any mood with this interior design style from passionate and energetic to calm and relaxing. Floor plans, elevations,3D models and renderings convey the design ideas from all angles allowing the client to fully visualize the space before final approval. A large portion of your interior design project can be easily achieved by hiring an interior design specialist through E-Design.

Full Service Design

Full house renovation of the original interior built in 1995. This Rustic Contemporary Mid-Century Modern Home Project required the main floor space to be developed into a better functioning, open concept, family home with a home office space. To achieve our goal, we removed all the walls possible and created open space between the rooms on the first floor. We installed a glass wall with simple yet interesting geometric design in former living room which became a stylish work space. The Mid-Century Modern design characteristics can be seen through clutter free, functionality focused design elements which merged the indoors and the outdoors. Large pieces with natural wood finishes and stunning, oversized windows with access to backyard add a rustic flair and carry this mid-century modern home closer to nature.


When it comes to Bathroom design the inspirations are limitless. The extensive variety of shapes, textures and colours of finishes and fixtures may be overwhelming. Once the design concept is developed, the interior design style and other elements become clear. We love working with clients on bathroom designs and solving the existing problems whether it is outdated style or better functionality matter. Our expertise in working with various budgets, different styles, materials and plumbing fixtures will help you avoid making costly mistakes. Bathroom renovation is an important project for any home, after all, it is the space where you begin and end your day.